It was in 2009 during a simple renovation project in a low income area of Columbia, SC by Ezekiel Ministries that our story began. The ministry team saw a great need for the Gospel to be lived out daily for the children in this area to see and learn about as well as the need for extra help in the education realm. In 2012 Josh Whitlock left his job in sales to become the first full-time employee of the ministry which ran a mentoring program and an after-school program. Through one of the mentors eyes, the need for EZE Farms became visible. 


Through sustainable urban farming, EZE Farms mentors urban youth in faith, farming and entrepreneurship. EZE Farms addresses several key issues that many disadvantaged youth face. First, EZE Farms provides youth with a positive role model who demonstrate the values of God’s Kingdom by teaching God’s word and equipping youth with a knowledge of what it means to follow Jesus. Also, EZE Farms gives youth a context to understand the current food crisis which leads to poor nutrition, especially in food-desert communities. EZE Farms uses sustainable rather than conventional growing methods to focus on producing nutrient-dense vegetables free of the long-term effects of synthetic chemicals. Vegetable production also demonstrates that a man reaps what he sows, i.e. that responsibility and hard work lead to a productive life. Finally, EZE Farms equips youth with a foundational understanding of running a successful small business, including planning, budgeting, marketing, record-keeping, and other business skills.