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Project Volunteerism

We have several one-time project volunteer opportunties to choose from.

Build Rabbit Cages

EZE Farms would like to add rabbit poo to our compost recipe. Having animals to take care of will also teach our apprentices a new level of responsibility and teach them respect for animal life. Use the form below to sign up for this opportunity.

Play on your tractor

EZE Farms would like an experienced tractor or skid steer volunteer to come out on or before November 2nd to move a large amount of woodchip mulch. Tractor should be 4-wheel drive and have a bucket loader. Our own farm manager can operate a tractor if you would like to lend your tractor for a couple of days. Use the form below to sign up for this opportunity.

Design a sign

EZE Farms is looking for several design options for a large name sign to be setup at the corner of Harrison Rd. and Center St. This sign will serve to inform passerbyers the name and purpose of the property. We are looking for experience designers to create an attractive sign and make any improvements on the wording we’ve provided here.Use the form below to sign up for this opportunity.

———————- end of Project Volunteerism ———————-

Become a Donor

EZE Farms is a 501(c)3 faith-based, non-profit mentoring program. We offer apprenticeships to middle and high-school boys. Through these apprenticeships, we strive to equip them with job readiness, soft skills, the good news of Jesus and the basics of entrepreneurism.

EZE Farms is sustained through our partnerships with donors. We are seeking monthly or one-time donors to meet the goal of fully sustaining the ministry at $5000 monthly.



This program is an educational, training program that teaches young men the valuable steps to running a profitable market garden. We implement and demonstrate the meaning of "you reap what you sow," which teaches them a strong work ethic that translates to future opportunities. 



Please take a second to fill out the form below to begin the application process.

Apprenticeships Form