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What is CSA?

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. CSA is a partnership between communities and their local farmers. The farmer invests in the community by giving them direct access to produce grown locally. The community invests in the farm by buying in advance a share of the coming harvest.

Why CSA?

The CSA model works well in communities who are committed to supporting local and/or commited to knowing where their produce comes from and what methods are used in growing the produce. In the case EZE Farms, we grow all our produce organically.

What is EZE Farms?

EZE Farms is part of Ezekiel Ministries. We are a faith-based non-profit seeking to provide greater opportunity to underserved youth by providing apprenticeships geared toward teaching apprentices character, life skills, basic business skills and a strong work ethic.

How does CSA work at EZE Farms?

  • In 2020 EZE Farms will offer 3 CSA options:
    • Cool Season, mid-February to mid-May
    • Warm Season, mid-May to mid-July
    • Famously Hot Season, mid-July to mid-September
  • CSA participants can prepay one season at a time at full price or a combination of seasons each at a 5% discount.
  • CSA participants can pick up their shares every other week at EZE Farms (2323 Harrison Rd., Columbia). Since each season is about 8 weeks long, each participant will pick up a share 4 times per season. Pick up times will be ever Tuesday from 4 to 6 pm and every Saturday from 9 to 12 pm.
  • EZE Farms also has a CSA+ subscription. The only difference between the Plus subscription and regular subscription is the opportunity to give an extra financial contribution to support the mission of EZE Farms and/or support the future of locally-grown produce. These extra contributions will allow EZE Farms to continue focusing on developing our local youth.
  • CSA participants will also receive regular updates on our work in the community and of volunteer opportunities at EZE Farms.

Can I go ahead and reserve a CSA subscription

Please scroll to the form below to notify us of your desire to partner with us through our CSA. We will contact you to complete the sign up process.


EZE Farms harvests a variety of produce on a weekly basis. The availability and selection varies by season and share.